Panic Home

The necessary officials dispatched to your registered address on System in the event of distress (Burglary, Accident at home, suspected Burglary, Fire, flood, Ambulance call out) . If a break in is suspected Armed Guards are dispatched, while SAPS arrive.

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Panic Drive

The necessary officials dispatched to your GPS Coordinates or Address advised by you in the event of distress (High jacking, Road Rage, Accident assistance, Ambulance call out)

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Personal Panic

The necessary information given to officials in the event that you are incapacitated. Officials can View a sticker present at home, on your vehicle or on a verification card provided.

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Panic Finance

Panic Finance Forbearance or Distressed Customer Solution is essentially a less formal step before debt counselling. It’s a policy put in place by the bank, in line with the regulatory requirements of the National Credit Act (NCA), to advise and assist customers experiencing financial difficulty.

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Our company

Mzansi Money,was established in 2010, to date provides world-class financial assistance during financial constraints. Mzansi money aims to simplify financial operations for all clients by implementing and improving business processes for example; loans provided telephonically with no branch visits. We achieve this by implementing our fully functional financial services platforms which are customized to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

The valuable experience we have gained through our existing South African footprint, either directly or through strategic partnerships, positions us well to ensure our clientele satisfaction. Allow us to get you to the next level, Mzansi Money For the Nation and More.

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